Thursday, October 28

Available now.

Vintage black pixie hem dress

Vintage destroyed hem floral dress

Vintage black leather look zip dress

Vintage navy velvet dress (picked this one up at a little market in France!)

Vintage tan print wooden button dress

'heartbeat' lacey frill sleeve dress

Vintage floral satin slip dress

'heartbeat' lace skirt

'heartbeat' polka skirt

Blink and you will miss out on these, plus many more available via the fanpage ♥

Tuesday, October 26

Monday, October 25


The lovely Vanessa from 2threads has been kind enough to feature LENNI on the 2threads site! Check out all the latest fashion news and browse this amazing site for a few hours.... Here's the interview q's:

Label Name

LENNI vintage & LENNI denim

Describe your label

LENNI was created for the stand out girl who is a little bit punk mixed with a confident edge. It combines vintage fabrics & materials to create unique one-off pieces, specialising in customised denim. LENNI’s aim is for her girls to look great whilst helping save the planet.

Why vintage?

Vintage has always been a positive way to express yourself. I love the fact that no one in the world will be wearing the same thing as you; individuality is a big part of LENNI.

Fashion to me is…

Such an important part of expressing who we are and what we feel. Fashion can make you feel so happy!

Why do you think there is such a craze for vintage fashion at the moment?

I think the main reason would be individuality. No-one wants to walk into a room wearing that same dress. I think fashion in general has become more popular as it is so easily accessed via internet & fashion blogs. Also I think a lot of people have become more conscious of the planet.

Where do you find all your materials/jeans etc

All materials & denim used for LENNI are sourced from all over the world, including the USA, UK and all over Oz.

What do you think is set to be the hottest trends this summer?

LENNI does not normally follow trends, but there is a big following for destroyed denim shorts and crochet dresses. Both available throughout summer!

Where can we find you?

You can purchase via the facebook fanpage, and also through ebay:!/pages/Mount-Beauty-Australia/Lenni-Vintage-/120560644624228

Check out the article here!

Thursday, October 14

gucci ss/09

Gucci summer campaign 09

Colour. Need to get summer here faster!!!

Thursday, October 7

the hype

Some of ze best looks on current lookbook

midnight hour

Just a bunch of images from fave bloggers.
I am back on the coast! Sorting out the store and whats to come this summer. It is very exciting & exhausting at the same time, but it is fun to be busy. And this warm weather keeps me motivated. Can't wait to show you all what is on the way x