Wednesday, January 2

the year that was...

What a year! I hadn't realised the amount of things that had been accomplished through out 2012 until I saw all of these images. I'd say it was far exceeding what I had planned or made my New Year's resolution that year. I spent 2 months in Europe, met tonnes of new friends, lazed about in foreign cities, watched bands and just chilled out and absorbed the culture. 

Just some of the highlights:
* Summer; spending hours on the beach, surfing, relaxing and swimming with my boy and the pup.
* Launching, and the amazing response to the new site.
* Getting flown to Paris to work & collaborate with a French label.
* Spending time with family in Denmark. 
* Roaming the cities for vintage stores and wasting hours just people watching.
* Endless photoshoots and sewing.
and finally, seeing my label come to life. After spending years designing and perfecting the first collection for LENNI the label, and then shooting it completely in Sydney, was something that filled my little heart.

This year was welcomed with a campfire and makeshift canopy on a secluded beach. Perfect. I can't wait to see what 2013 brings. 

Happy new year to you!

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  1. Your year looked amazing! And I just discovered lenni-it's absolutely amazing, I wish I could buy everything from there :)
    Lucia from