Monday, March 31

e i l i k a

The hunt for a new face to rep Lenni is a difficult one. I will usually stew over a few girls for a few weeks before making a decision. I look for girls who are what the brand is about, girls with personal style and an easy going nature. I came across Eilika and fell in love immediately...
We recently shot the latest campaign for Lenni and working with this German native was so clear that she fits the role so perfectly and embodies everything a Lenni girl is; cool, free, laid back and ever so comfortable in her own skin.

Take a peek at the video for the new collection here: 

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  1. Nice! Can't imagine trying to find a model to rep your own label- I have enough trouble finding models I like for my test shoots! Ha! Looking forward to your next post as ever. And pleeeease get a UK stockist soon x