Thursday, April 29


Can never get it wrong...
I think a little diy is going to take action for the holey dresses and shirts.

Friday, April 23



If had designed my own line it would probably look alot like this. This is exactly what I'm talkin about.
Can't wait for usa and mex next year. Markets, amazing.
I finally received a long awaited dressmakers mannequin, now I can actually attempt to tailor some of my creations and get something going and off the ground


Why have I never heard of this before? Amazing.

Tuesday, April 20


Best thing to come out of oz in a while.... literally can't wait for the new album. I'm going to go and try rip it from somewhere right now

Friday, April 16

Autumn ♥

Part of the Autumn collection was shot today with the loverly Stevi and Meelz! It will be up on facebook and ebay during the next few weeks.

What are your favorite items for this winter? And what are you looking for at the moment? Lenni Vintage would love to help ♥

Thursday, April 15



Listening to Miike Snow at the moment. Still undecided weather or not I am in love with the music, its more commercial sounding and catchy.

Doing an Autumn shoot tomorrow with the ton of new pieces which are going into the ebay store...

Monday, April 12


I love this place, it was so much more beautiful than expected. All the canals running through the city and bikes, bikes, bikes! We rode 11kms twice a day to get to the city, and late at night before we got told that we shouldnt have because of the really bad outer areas of Amsterdam.

Oh and I was carrying on board the van with me a sewing machine, I would fire that baby up whenever we had a powered site, some of the dresses for sale on my facebook page were made during this trip. Yes in a caravan park sitting on the step of our van.

Friday, April 9

imitation is the best for of flattery?

man, I am not the happiest person at the moment. I don't understand why people have to do exactly what you are doing just to make themselves feel good. Or does it? Or are they just trying to be someone they're not? I am so confused as to why people do this, do you not have your own life/ideas/experiences? At the end of the day can you feel satisfied knowing that none of this came from your own creative experiences or inspiration? And there is a difference between being inspired by something and completely ripping something/someone off...

Wednesday, April 7

running around in my head

many many things on my mind, a million things to do and a heap of ideas and inspiration flowing in from every corner of the room that I can't concentrate or do anything!
The snow is calling me after almost 2 years without winter...

Tuesday, April 6

meet Lenni

Just thought i'd clear this one up, I am not the girl in the ebay store pics. Her name is Stevi and shes amazing! A few of you pretty ladies have asked for my personal facebook page and unfortunately I don't have one! So here I am
Also over at, Han has been lovely enough to share the love, so check it out too! And on that note, also check out the new listings here.

Thursday, April 1

in store tonight ♥

Sneak peek at whats in store tonight (Thursday)

Also, don't forget to enter the current giveaway on facebook. All you have to do is suggest your friends ('suggest' button is on the bottom of the page on the left!) and leave me a message with how many friends you have suggested (the more the merrier!) The winner will receive a $50 facebook credit to spend on anything for sale in the albums AND this vintage GLOMESH cream bag!

LOVE Lenni ♥