Saturday, May 22

Lenni 4 Lenni

This is quite daunting... Clothes look much better on my models :(

Wednesday, May 19

dazed and confused


Sneak peek for Winter 2010

The winter shoot is happening and there are some amazing pieces coming to you...

I am moving to the snow on Monday, so there will be a bit of a delay during the next couple of weeks til I am settled and ready to show you the goodness!

Thursday, May 13

q & a

I was recently asked a few q's, I thought i'd share some with you friends who don't already know me:

Tell us a little about yourself:

I am a vegetarian and I love to surf and turn the little images running around in my head into clothes. I probably should of been in the music industry. I love music. It is a big part of what inspires me to create. I like alot of bands and genres, but a few of my faves would be Depeche Mode, The Cure, NIN and Placebo. I dont really get much time to read and when I do I love to read bios. At the moment I am reading Ozzy Osbournes book and I have no idea how he is still alive today?! Good read.

How did you start it all?

I started teaching myself to sew when I was SO over seeing the same mass produced clothes in every shop. Being a bit different from everyone else at school, I didnt want to look like anyone else by wearing the same boring dress that was supposedly in fashion. After sewing my own clothes I started to get a few compliments here and there and people were asking if I could make them similar things. This then lead to selling out of my garage to friends and local girls. Its funny how people went from looking at me strangely, to now paying to get a custom dress! I then started an ebay store in late 08 to make a bit of coin. So this is not a phase like most of the vintage stores you see on facebook, i've been doing this for awhile now.

Why vintage?

I love selling vintage and re-worked vintage because I have a bit of a problem contributing to the masses of waste coming from cheap throw away clothes. I think if you can wear something that someone else wore it makes you feel a little special. To be able to encourage this little revolution makes me smile :)

What aspirations do you have for 'lenni vintage'?

I will be keeping Lenni Vintage going until I find my feet. This will probably continue on and off for a few more years to come.


I didn't think you could get a hotter chick than the ss09 baaaaaabe.... but Bambi makes me want everything here from the aw collection. P.S - I need that forest background for the next shoot.

Tuesday, May 11

the goods.

Angellikay is the cutest 16 year old blogger from Sydney who sells a few bits and pieces on her site here and you can see her blog here.

Monday, May 10


Me and my homies at groovin! I am now waiting for 4 of my toenails to fall off.... too much dancing for my own good.

I have been getting alot of friend requests from other vintage facebook sites lately. I have been denying them, not because I don't want to be fb friends, but because I don't like to look at other peoples sites, and because its a bit odd. I am trying to be myself and have been doing this for a while now, it just so happens that alot of people are having a go at it themselves too. I have a vision that I do not want disrupted!

Thursday, May 6

next week

A few of next weeks items.... also been collecting some new amazing items for the next shoot. I need to get as many clothes and pics before I move away had have to find a new model :(

And also, sorry if I have not replied to your messages & emails. I've been so busy lately that I need to be asked twice before it registers!!! So if you have done so and I haven't replied, email again pleeeease :)

Tuesday, May 4

close to my heart ♥

The only thing I ask any of you to do for me is watch Earthlings. I have been a vegetarian and basically vegan since I was a little girl. This is something that breaks my heart everyday and honestly gives me nightmares, and makes me furious. Alot of people don't realise or know much about vegans and vegetarians simply because of the world we are brought into has a lack of education for this type of abuse. If I can make one of you change by watching this, it will make me feel a little better. Please spread the word about this DISGUSTING way we are living. Don't just turn a blind eye and pretend this doesn't happen. It does, its real and it is too easily accepted. Your ignorance is what is supporting this and keeping it going.

Watch the trailer here :

EARTHLINGS is an award-winning documentary film about the suffering of animals for food, fashion, pets, entertainment and medical research. Considered the most persuasive documentary ever made, EARTHLINGS is nicknamed “the Vegan maker” for its sensitive footage shot at animal shelters, pet stores, puppy mills, factory farms, slaughterhouses, the leather and fur trades, sporting events, circuses and research labs.

I will be sharing some of my favorite vegan and vegetarian recipes in later posts for you ♥

Monday, May 3

festival love . . .

anyone going to groovin'? what to wear, what to wear... shorts, comfy shoes and a hat are definates.
it will be coachella next year!

ALSO the draw for the $50
facebook credit ends tonight!!! Be sure to get your last minute suggestions in quick smart...