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no poetic

What the... my two faves in the same photo... saves a lot of pics for this post. SORRY!

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google yourself.

Normally I am not one to do such a thing, but I was curious to see what cam up when I serched Lenni Vintage! I came across a Spanish online mag who featured me on their site and on facebook. I was quite chuffed to see that someone in Spain thought it necessary to write a little about me! So here is the article and this is roughly what it translates to ♥

Through the Facebook network can find plenty of shops online and this is how we find Lenni Vintage.
Lisa called designer denim shorts and create fully customized and unique decorated with studs, details of the American flag, Petach flowers and more.

She has created her own collection that called Let It Go, based in the 70's glam. Go to her facebook page that does not stop updating with new clothes and if you want to buy a hurry because it sells like hotcakes!