Tuesday, July 26

low five

DIY lace dress & headband. Click pic to hype on lookbook.

This dress will be available via the fanpage, along with a heap more goodies during the next couple of weeks.

As you can see, lots of snow this season, its looking amazing...


Tuesday, July 19


New kimonos available via the facebook page here.

How could one choose out of all of them?

Also, LENNI will be online via MARLOWMARKET any day now!

phone pics

haha I love the contrast of these. Little summer short shorts and snow. Yeah, I obviously don't get inspiration from my surroundings...

Saturday, July 16



(click pic to hype on lookbook!)

These two knits will be available in the coming weeks via the fanpage here. I do happen to sell things I love & I do sometimes regret it later on. So, grab these before I change my mind, along with everything else AMAZING that I have been collecting over the past few months. I know alot of you have been asking when more vintage will be available, it is because I didn't want to just sell anything I came across that was OK, I have only been sourcing the GOODNESS!!! Which is why it has taken so long! Keep them eyes peeled.

Thursday, July 14

euro lovin'

If you don't already know, these are what I have been working on for the past week or more. They are going to be selling via MARLOW MARKET, a new online store created by the lovely French ladies from Marlow35. These shall be available for purchase in about a week, along with the likes of Wildfox Couture, American Retro, WkShp, Starmela & more! How exciting...

i feel you

Images via google, tumblr, lifewithpics, magiccosmicnature, pamelalove, and more I have forgotten, sorry!

Update: still sewing, still working, still living in the snow.

Friday, July 8



To go back to brown hair or not?! These pics are from awhile ago, and since I have the tendency to give away everything I own, everything I am wearing here has already gone to loving homes.
SO so hectic right now with work. I have been working part time on the weekends to save for upcoming projects. But as it always goes, as soon as I pick up another job, I am flat out with LENNI and all things business. Need to chill out for a little while, but I got no time dammit! When it rains, it pours.

Thursday, July 7



I have been working on these today. More will be available with the new lot of denim in the next couple of weeks. Good news to all my French/Europe loves, I am organising a big box of goods for France, an online shop by the amazing little ladies at marlow 35. The store will be up soon here. Can't wait!

Sunday, July 3

pink aztecs

Photographer: Bonnie Hansen
Stylist: Angela Sterchele
MUA: Dieu Truong
Hair Stylist: Renea Gould
Model: Anna Nguyen

Love these shots featuring Lenni pink Aztecs & black denim. Check out Angela's stylist page here.


Images via; ellefrance, tumblr, google, lifewithpics.. many more that I will have to get back to you with.

Constantly dreaming of the warmth! This past week has been hectic. In a good way. I think I almost gained at least a thousand new facebook fans, along with a million emails from all over the world. FUN!