Tuesday, August 30

hot hot hot

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Loving fluro pink right now. So right for summer, which along with most of you oz friends, I can't wait for either.

I will be moving in 3 weeks, back to the coast for summer. I am hard working on my label right now, which is going to consume all of my spare time. LENNI will expand to not only re-worked vintage, but a whole collection of dresses, pants, tops, skirts and more. I am so excited to share all of my new designs with you all.

Don't forget to enter the giveaway below to win a pair of LENNI denim!

Sunday, August 28

LENNI denim giveaway


Time for another giveaway! WIN a pair of LENNI denim shorts of your choice! All you have to do to enter. This will be drawn near the end of September:

ALSO! Gain more entries by adding a photo of you wearing anything by LENNI on the fan page!

1- Join the facebook page here & share with your friends by posting the page on your wall. (all you have to do to share the link is type in the 'What is on your mind?' box this link: www.facebook.com/vintageLENNI)

2- Follow the blog via blogspot/follower

3- Follow via bloglovin', here

4- Comment under this post to let me know you have done so! Please leave an email address so the winner can be contacted.

Thank you! & good luck.

romantic rights

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Hope you are all enjoying this sunshine wherever you are.

Wednesday, August 24



These new Aztec kimono's available tomorrow night, along with more shorter velvet kimonos... Keep an eye out here.

Sunday, August 21

to be...

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This week; new kimonos and new Aztec kimonos. Watch out. HERE.