Monday, February 27

Oui Oui

Photography by Brett Rutkowski 
Models: Bree & Karmen
Styling by LENNI
All images are owned by LENNI. Please do not copy without using permission/sourcing.

Here is a sneak peek at an upcoming project I did with a well known French chain store. I will be setting off to Paris in 2 weeks! Excited to share details with you all soon.... x

Monday, February 20

new denim

Just a few of my favourites which are available via the shop here.

Also new aztecs going online tonight too. Time for a day off......

Thursday, February 16

Thursday, February 9


Sneak peek at a little selection that is coming to the web shop next week....!

Wednesday, February 8

Earily Ellery

Ellery is by FAR my fave label. Ever since I first layed my eyes on the bell sleeve low back dress years ago, I have been hooked. I am so incredibly obsessed with the semi-goth/dark style of every collection. SO GOOD! I have no more words.