Friday, August 31


Arriving in Sweden at 6am after spending the night on a train was tiring... We then spent 5 days at a music festival in Hassleholm, a very small town in the south of Sweden. It was around 2degrees at night time, and we were sleeping in a small wooden cubby house with 5 layers of clothing and socks on our hands. Thank you for welcoming us to your summer, Sweden! The camp ground itself had it's own DJ (set up next to our 'house') so waking up to a DJ every morning put us in a pretty good mood surprisingly. The bands were so great, the whole vibe was insane & the festival food interesting....
After a whirlwind 5 days, we headed to Denmark (pictures coming soon) and then back to Sweden for a friends beautiful wedding where we stayed in my DREAM home, wow!

Tuesday, August 14


These plus many more will be available, along with vintage tees & kimonos, Thursday evening

Sunday, August 12

s p l i n t e r - LENNI lookbook

Photography - Josh Hedge
Model - Kita
All clothing & styling - LENNI
Make up - Jess

We completely scored last weekend with the warmest winter weather we could ask for. That was alot of W's. Seriously though, it has been pouring rain all weekend, it is such a contrast to what we had the previous weekend when we set out for an afternoon photoshoot in the local surroundings where I live.
Kita is a mega babe, she introduced me to her friend Josh, who happens to be such a talented photographer. I have been doing this for awhile, and studied photography for two years and it seems (to me) that there is a real lack in naturally creative photographers lately. Maybe it is because of photoshop and the reminder that any photo can be adjusted to be amazing. Josh does not approach this way, and he hardly alters the images at all, AND he also uses film. Go stalk his work here.
We are already planning our next adventure, and it is sure to be even better than this. 

s p l i n t e r is the current collection I have been busy working on for the past 3 weeks. These pieces plus MANY more will be added to the web shop this week. Also re-stocking on some of the old faithfuls including the JAWS dress.

Check out the fun video we made from this afternoon of shooting, laughs, beers, hustling outfits & make-up and rad sunsets:

Thursday, August 9

s p u n

A little inspiration whilst I finish the current collection for the web shop.